Here are some useful sources for historical treatises, education, gear and interesting media.


Fior di Battaglia, Getty Edition, English translation. Posted by Scholagladiatoria.

Fior di Battaglia

The free library of Historical European Martial Arts books and manuscripts-


Guy Windsor's sword school:

The School of European Swordsmanship

Great starting place for new sword scholars:

Basic Fiore Syllabus

Protective equipment, synthetic/wooden swords, literature and more:

Purpleheart Armory

Excellent steel swords crafted in the Northwest:

Castille Armory

Custom European protective gloves & high quality steel swords:

HEMA Supplies

World class HEMA tournament in Gothenburg Sweden. Showcases champion fighting in all major HEMA disciplines.

Swordfish 2016

Documentary on Historical European Martial Arts

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